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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your prices for your kayaks/ canoes?

A: Our 2-hour rentals start at $42 for a single person kayak or paddleboard and go up from there.  The all day rentals start at $76.

All of our prices are listed on our website at

Q: How long is the all day rental?

A: Our “all day rental” is an 8-hour time frame.

Q: Where do we meet for our reservation?

A: We deliver all 2-hour reservation equipment to the Bateman Island  boat launch at Wye Park.

Look for our yellow box truck when you get there.

That is where you will sign waivers, receive life jackets and whistles.



Any all day rentals can be delivered to any boat launch in the Tri-Cities on the Yakima

or the Columbia Rivers.


Q: Do you provide life jackets?

A: Yes, every rental includes life jackets and whistles for each person going out on the water.


Q: Do you have children life jackets?

A: Yes, we have child and youth size jackets.

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: Reservations can be made by calling 509-492-2258 or on our website at


Q: How much time in advance do you need before a reservation?

A: We would appreciate at least 1-hour notice before booking a reservation.


Q: How early can you launch kayaks/canoes/paddleboards?

A: If booked at least 1 day in advance we can launch as early as sunrise the next day (depending on availability of equipment).

Q: What is the latest time you can launch kayaks/canoes/paddleboards?

A: 6pm is the latest time slot that our equipment can be reserved for.

Q: Can we pay with cash?

A: At the moment we only take credit/debit card payments.

Q: Can we make a reservation on the spot (at the river)?

A: Yes, depending on availability of equipment at the time we may be able to rent out equipment on the spot. (We can not guarantee availability of equipment as it is on a “reserved first, served first basis”)

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